Sunday, July 20, 2008

Killing time at IKEA

While waiting for my son to finish his Aikido class, we decided to go to to IKEA and get a glimpse of how we are going to furnish and decorate our future home. There is an IKEA store nearby and it’s just what we need to get some walking exercise.

Walking?? Well, we got tired already and those sofas was so inviting! Hmmm... do i feel at home with this set up? I dunno...I may have to try seeing other showcases.

I just love this kitchen. So compact but classy. I specially like the exhausthood. Guess how much it costs, C$1,600.00! Whoa! K...move on...move on...

These showcases they have can be tried, touched and scrutinized. this bed is sooo inviting!

Super white kitchen. I could have loved it but I do needed some color to properly perk me up. I can imagine all the mess I'm going to make when I'm in one of my cooking marathon moods.

Trying out some dining tables and chairs. Is it comfort or easthetics? Definitely comfort.

I found a wok that I like but it costs C$60.00! One of my birthdays...or one Christmas and it's mine! Going to the wish list!


Anonymous said...

Is your son on his way to earn his black belt?

The displays on the photos look like it can be found in any mall here in Manila. Similarly, the price tag are equally expensive.

May all your wishes come true.

EM said...

Hi Juleste!!

Nope...he just started and is very new to the art.

Yes, it will be similar even in price. But all these are self assembly. IKEA is known for their portability and easy assembly.

Thanks... wishes are what we can afford right now.'s free!

have a good day!