Sunday, July 20, 2008

Oh my MAMA MIA!!!!!

Saturday evening is the big night. The night me and my mom went to watch Mama Mia. I thought I could invite my son but he would not budge. He says it's a chick flick and he would not be caught watching it. Well... they missed something good. It maybe a chickflick but it's a total entertainment. I just loved the scenery! The islands, the beaches, the rustic stone houses and stone pavements...all very dreamy and romantic. I am beginning to miss home ....

The wedding !! Oh my... the church is on top of an island and the steps going there is illuminated with little lights. It's just so nice to have a wedding like that. I could only see my own daughter going through such a scene. it's so wonderful to celebrate love ... irregardless of the past nor the future but only of the momment. Too bad I can't find a picture in the net. I guess you really need to see the movie...hehe.

My favorite part is when the song "The Winner takes it All" was sung. The background being on high ground and all you can see at the background is the sea, it's glitter against the afternoon sun....very dramatic.

The movie also celebrates friendship. As Meryll have her two best friend, so does her daughter. And we can say like mother like daughter for they are similar in many ways. Friends are the threads that lock everything in place in their lives. They maybe in the background but without them, it would not be complete.

Oh, almost forgot. As my daughter would always ask at the end of every movie we watch. what is the dilemma in the movie. It is the desire of merylls daughter Sophie to meet her father and give her away on her wedding day. But...there are three possible nominees...hehe. In the end... it really doesn't matter. All she needs to realise is her love to her mother and that she has her own life to live and not be worried about her.

It's a movie worth seeing....chickflick or not!


Jules said...

Its a chick flick critics are raving about because Meryl Streep and the rest of the cast brought the house down. Where else can you find an ex-James Bond dancing and singing his heart out together with other drop dead gorgeous guys. Some of the funniest and critical review's I've read are written by men who appreciated the movie's plot and of course, the production numbers.

Of course, the writers of the movies who are also responsible for the success of the musical owed the inspiration from the music of ABBA. People who enjoyed this movie are in one way or another have found the music of Agnetha, Benny, Bjorg and Anni-Frida totally different from ordinary mellow-pop music of the 70s and 80s. I'm a child of the 70s and 80s so I know what its like to listen to ABBA when they were still a group.

My favorite number was Donna and the Dynamos rendition of 'Super Trouper' because it came as a surprise to Sophie and to the three men. But looking at the Donna and her friends, they really had a ball singing the number.

EM said...

It is true! they may say it's a chickflick but they are the ones you will see coming out of the theaters. I do like Pierce Brosnans nature/profile. He is so good at comedy too.

We were both a child of the 70s and 80s and we sure grew up knowing them well. Even my daughter can very well sing most songs of ABBA. They even had a school musical dedicated to ABBA. They may not know the group but the song remains as popular!

that presentation was excellent! Can you imagine doing such with friends right now? hehe... it might be a good idea ... when one of my aunt turns 60 ...hehe.

caryn said...

gosh! i soooo want to see that, but it isn't playing in tokyo yet. sigh. we're always late over here!