Sunday, July 27, 2008

WS 14: Hanna ...Hanna Montana 3D?

3D glasses for a Hanna Montana Concert. Walmart was practically giving it away. How was it? I never really tried it. My kids were the ones who did and probably they were expecting too much. It's quite alot different on theater screens though.
happy WS everyone!


Lawstude said...

I know this is an off-topic comment. I just wanna thank you for the nice comment you leave in my blog. I truly appreciate it. Have a nice day.

EM said...

You are very welcome lawstud! You don't really have to thank's well deserved. Lawstud has this site of all the wonderful places in the Phils and they are just breathaking. I'm just a viewer and i already am excited, what more if i'm there feeling and breathing the very air!

anyway... more power to your travels. May you find your treasures and may they give you everlasting joy.

the donG said...

haven't tried wearing 3D glasses to watch a movie but i tried using it to see 3D pictures.

EM said...

Hey DonG! They said the upcoming movie entitled "Journey to the center of the Earth" or "The Mummy returns" will have 3D versions in the theater. Make sure you watch it so you can experience the 3D effect. They are worth the curiousity!

Have a good day to you!

Anonymous said...

I might try someday. But I still have to wear my eyeglasses because I'm astigmatic. Eyeglasses behind 3D glasses. Sounds weird :)

EM said...

Nothing is weird Jules! if it worth the experience then go for it! never let something prevent you from your dreams! :)

you should go and see it and make sure you bring the two boys of reason. :)

thanks for dropping by