Thursday, July 10, 2008

It is Done.... and surprisingly I'm still alive! :)

The dreaded mid term exam has passed. I survived, true, but I can't say the same thing with my answers...hehe. Anyway, that's that. I hope what they say is true... once you got over the first hurdle...the next ones will be a piece of cake. For a class of 16 where I'm the only asian, I carry a big chip on my shoulder. Never fear! Darna is here!! LOL

Forgive my sarcasm...I’m just trying to entertain myself. It was adrenalin day today. I think my brain is still suffering from the aftermath of information onslaught. After the 2.5 hours of exam came two more chapters. Culminated by an impromptu report of 3 questions handed out by the instructor. I can hear my brain again saying... "Bloody 20 years ago!!".... and my body started sending more adrenalin to grandma brain to help it think and to calm my poor nerves while I deliver my piece of mind in front of the class. Only one thing I can say... asian rules!!! LOL

*sigh* I think I’m having ulcers.....


the donG said...

wow! congratulations!!!

EM said...

Thanks DonG!

it was really tough but it also gets the best in me.


Anonymous said...

I guess my message got lost somewhere :-) Last Friday I sent the messenger to congratulate you in behalf of I, me and myself.

Way to go, Em!

Kapag nawala uli ang message na 'to.. I'll fire the messenger :-)

EM said...

Oh! so sorry to hear that Juleste!

A friend told me that it is always good to give a second chance. So it is so nice of you to give a second chance to your meseenger!

Thanks for the encouragement! I would like to prove to the world that pinoy can be at par with the rest of the world!