Wednesday, July 16, 2008

One Morning Greeting from the Blue Sky

Blue sky yesterday Grey today
Did the blue sky
Go away?

What is blue
And sunny too?
The blue sky
Hiding behind the grey.

Grey today
But with blue sky
Waiting to come outAnd play.

The sun is laughing
At my blueness
Blue sky with its greyness
Never meant for sadness.

Blue sky here today
But with a greyness
Covering all the blueness
This is what I want to say.

---David Taylor
I thank David Taylor for the poem. It is a very cute poem which reflects my sentiments when i first viewed the sky this morning from my balcony. It's the sight that I just needed to start my day. A day of infinite possibilities! The birds flying added the needed touch to complete a perfect scene. I wish I was there with them enjoying freedom at it's best. To soar as high as they can and conquer the sky and the wind. To feel the sun rays before it even touch the earth.
After that, I'm back to earth. Off to find my infinite possibilities!


Anonymous said...

Blue sky makes me high. As the morning brings hope, blue sky energizes me. Its so easy to get up and go when the sky is on its default color.

I guess those birds flying are oblivious from an observer holding a digicam. All they care about is the wind beneath their wings and the sky above them.

Makes me wish that I'm a bird for a moment flying under the blue sky and with you holding a cam, I'll definitely say cheese :-)

the donG said...

hindi lang ang poem ang maganda. ganda din ng mga kuha.

EM said...

Thanks Juleste! I'm sure if itwas you and you would say cheese, i would have known and will end up having more pictures than planned. at home in the sky. I sometimes envy them. Most of the time I just have to enjoy looking at them flying and free.

Thanks for dropping by.

EM said...

Salamat DonG. Not as good as your pictures but I guess pwede narin basta yung subject eh maganda.

Salamat sa pagbisita. Hmmm... i should mention na para ka palang ibon... malaya at kung saan saan nakakarating.