Sunday, July 13, 2008

A true milestone.. to be beautiful at 60

My aunt is turning 60 this July 14. Her surprise birthday party was held last night. It was a two month preparation made in secret so she would be completely oblivious. Everyone has their own part and contribution. Mine was cooking, some were decoration, some were the give aways, others were the program and one family to distract her during the day while we do all the preparation for the party. It was such a big success. I was running here and there. My daughter together with her little cousins did a dance number for their lola and my son played a piano piece for her. Attached below is the movie of the dance number. The two older children are both 11 years old and the other two younger ones are both 6 years old. They started rehearsing as soon as their school classes ended for the summer. It was so nice to see them dancing together! A slip happened in the middle of the dance routine when my daughter's feet caught a wire and made her crash on the floor at the end of her summersault. Don't worry, she's okay (thank God).

My aunt who turned 60 is the first to migrate to Canada back in 1973 (I was only 7 years old then). She lived in Windsor and worked in a hospital there until she retired last year. She never married but she live a happy life. She now enjoys travelling and being close to people she cares and love. We wish her the best and may she have many more birthdays to come!


Anonymous said...

I have a strong feeling that there is something about your aunt that is truly inspiring. She must have a quiet a lot of stories to tell about her life.

Congrats on the success of her birthday party. My hat is off to the pretty chef, aka the blog author hehe...

And the kids dancing!! My oh my.. what a treat for the special day of their lola.

EM said...

She sure do! One has to just have time to sit with her and listen. We are all guilty of no having enough time (shame on us!)!

Thanks! *bowing* it my pleasure to cook for such a dear lady. I can cook forever for her. She liked my pansit specially.

Hehe...we are all very proud. One my aunt's (who's yet to turn 60) specifically said she like to have the same on her 60th birthday. I guess if we have enough kids to last ... we need to be making more, eh?