Friday, July 4, 2008

Friday lunch at work -- Angus Burger ala Harvey's

I got a special treat today at lunch. Huge Angus burger from Harvey's! There's an outlet near my work and i ordered take out for an Angus Burger Combo. I was feeling so hungry but I know i cannot finish it. It's huge and I can only eat half , thus the knife. The other half will be eaten for merienda (snack). How do I like my Angus burger? Everything on it except mayo and onion, and I like extra chilis please!! How much does it cost here?? For the Combo (with pop and french fries), it's C$6.99 plus tax. I wonder how much much does an equivalent Jolibee hamburger cost now?


Anonymous said...

I only hear Angus burger in some gourmet restaurants here. I'm pretty sure that the price is equivalent to the one you ordered.

As for Jollibee, check this out:

Yesterday on my way home, I ordered Yumburger with TLC [tomato,lettuce and cheese]. It came with a Coke and a fries for 71pesos. Its not as big as the one in your photo.

EM said...

Thanks Juleste! I can't seem to go to that site. I'll try again later.

Is it P71 pesos now? doubled since we left. Until today my kids still misses jollibee. They have good memories of the place and the food.

Someday juleste...someday we will again savor the taste of good ol jollibee...

the donG said...

i also like chilli burgers! this burger looks so gooood!

sarap sarap! favorite ko mga burgers ng brothers burger.

EM said...

Hey DonG! Bago ba yung Brothers Burger? Is it anything like Jollibee? More or less?

Wimpy's pala tayo eh...we can survive with hamburgers alone...hehe