Monday, July 7, 2008

A Gift to Commemorate my 100th Post!

This is a gift from a very good friend. She said it's for my 100th post. It's a compilation of my flower pictures brought together by a beautiful song. I just love it! I am completely surprised and humbled by the fact that she has taken her precious time to make this. Sometimes I feel guilty and undeserving. To my friend I thank you ... from my heart to yours.

My 100th post! It's like yesterday when I posted my first. That was back in November 2007. I am still as inspired as when I did that first post and I know I will still continue to write and be inspired. I have read thousands of interesting blogs. Some were so awesome that I became a constant visitor...they just pull me in everyday.

My blog is my treasure chest. I will continue to fill it with bits and pieces of what I call life.. in a world full of choices.


Anonymous said...

You must remember that you're also an inspiration to others. Who you are reflected in your words and as you share your treasure to others, the world full of choices is a better place to live in.

EM said...

Thanks Juleste,

I'm glad to know that my work inspire someone. Doubly glad to have blog friends... specially you!

Unknown said...


so lucky to have such a thoughtful friend! i'm also approaching my 222posts and i still find joy in blogging. thanks to inspiring bloggers.

EM said...

Thanks Dong! You said it! We found somthing we hold dear in our heart and sharing it makes the pleasure double. Keep bloggging and may you find endless source of inspiration!

all the best Dong!